SHP villagers moved into care centres: Local

Yalanda, Baguale and Homo-Pawa villages in Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province, have shifted from their villages and are now living in care centres following the damage caused by the earthquake and landslides.

This is according to information to this newsroom by local police officer, Jacob Kumin.

Kumin says a resettlement is highly likely.

Police officer Kumin said about 6 thousand people have been affected in these 3 villages, with the first form of help reaching them yesterday.

Only accessible through air at the moment, Oil Search Limited representatives travelled into these villages and handed out blankets, bedsheets, tarpaulins and bottled water and biscuits.

Officer Kumin said fear remains high amongst the people while normal daily activities are still on hold.

Meanwhile, PNG and Australian Defence Forces, together with MAF, flew into Bosavi Valley area and delivered food, water and material for temporary shelters to eight villages.

Longtime volunteer at Bosavi Valley, Sally Lloyd, said about 8,000 people in Bosavi have been affected and many more in the Highlands and border of Western Province.

She said relief efforts will continue tomorrow and in the days to come.

Carolyn Ure