Several injured in Sunday morning collision

More than five people have reportedly sustained injuries from a collision near the Gordon’s Police Barracks this morning.

Residents rushed out from their homes after hearing a loud crash at the bus stop to find out that a small Toyota Mark X, coming from the direction of Gordon’s Secondary School, had crossed lanes and plowed right into a 25-seater bus.

Driver of the PMV bus, Dot Kukun, said he slowed down when he saw the speeding vehicle. Before he knew it, the mid-sized sedan had crashed right into them, with their side windows shattering from the impact and the hood and bumpers of both vehicles crumpling in.  

Some of the youths from the area pulled out an unconscious driver from the sedan, including a victim from the passenger side who was unable to move his lower limbs.

“There were two women at the back; one was injured while another ran away,” this newsroom was told.

An unconfirmed number of badly-shaken passengers from the 25-seater PMV also suffered cuts and bruises, and were attended to by St John Ambulance staff before being transported away from the scene.

It is believed the passengers of the sedan were under the influence of alcohol.

(The damaged vehicles outside Gordon’s Police Barracks)

Carmella Gware