Services still down in Mendi

Services in Mendi Town have still not returned to normal yet.

A source in Mendi town confirmed with Loop PNG that Public servants are feeling the pinch the most.

With the only bank, BSP still down, the public is unable to withdraw cash, the nearest province is Mt Hagen which is a two to three hour drive.

Local shops are choosing to open for 2 hours and are only accepting cash payment.

The source also revealed to Loop PNG that there is no form of police presence in the town that the remaining police have chosen to dress as civilians in fear of their lives.

Also notable are the loud bangs going off in the distance, which is believed to be from the stolen dynamite from the wild cat premises.

Meantime attempts to get in touch with the Chief Superintendent of Mendi Police Sibron Papoto has been unsuccessful.

Meredith Kuusa