Senior police officer arrested

“No one is above the law of PNG. The law does not discriminate.”

This come after a senior police officer was charged and arrested in a police check at Manu Auto Port last night for drinking and driving.

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, says that NCD police will not tolerate any policeman and woman including commissioned officers who abuse our members who are performing their constitutional roles out on the streets during this Christmas and New Year operations.

“As per tasking based on my Christmas and New Year order, ‘To prevent traffic accidents by drinking driving’, NCD police members are conducting road checks during this festive seasons.”

Met Sup N’Dranou said in relation to the particular incident that occurred last night between 11pm and 12 midnight, police officers on duty stopped a senior police officer at a road check point at Manu Auto Port roundabout.

He refused to comply with police directions as required by law.

The senior officer was found drunk and began to pull rank over the junior policemen and started using vulgar language to insult the personnel on duty at the check point.

“Let me warn all police officers and the general public that NCD will not hesitate to apprehend and arrest any person who abuse police officers after breaching the law of the country.”

He said that police officers are merely preforming their constitutional roles to make it safe for residents in NCD.

“It is our duty to prevent such accidents and fatalities and checking for drink driving at police road checks will be one of our approaches.

The senior police officer has since been arrested and is now on police bail.

Annette Kora
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