SBE curriculum to be reintroduced: Minister

The Government will reintroduce the Standard Based Education and abolish the Outcome Based Education in the near future.

Minister for Education Joseph Yopyyopy confirmed this in Parliament yesterday.

Yopyyopy informed Parliament of changes in the education sector in response to Markham MP Koni Iguan, saying the current Outcome Based Education program only emphasizes the quantity and not the quality of education.

“Education department will be reintroducing the Standard Based Education system, which is Grades 1-6 and Grades 7-12. One of the problem with OBE system was that teachers are not teaching the same courses across the board, which affects students during the examinations.”

Iguan had initially said the abolishment of the OBE standard will impact the amount of money spent on resources to build school infrastructure, especially for elementary institutions.

“Can the Education department have a look again into the OBE system and maintain it as it helps a lot of students, especially elementary schools where children can access education right at their doorstep.

“Many investment have also been made to establish elementary schools and such plans to abolish the OBE system is not helping us.”

Simbu Governor, Michael Dua, backed his fellow MP, calling for the OBE system to be maintained.

“We cannot change policies year after year, which might cause chaos with our children’s learning.”

Meantime, Parliament resumes today at 10am.

Freddy Mou