RPNGC pledges to achieve Govt’s bold vision

The Royal PNG Constabulary has made the commitment to achieve the Government’s bold vision of becoming a ‘rich black Christian nation’.

During Monday’s handover-takeover ceremony and ministerial brief for police minister, Commissioner Gari Baki said the RPNGC’s Corporate Plan 2011-2020 aligns with the government’s broader plans, including PNG Vision 2050, PNG Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030 and the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDPs).

“It also captures the recommendations of the Police Administrative Review 2004 and the PNG Law & Justice Integrity Review 2011,” stated Baki.

“The Marape-Steven Government has announced its vision, and that is for Papua New Guinea to become a rich black Christian country ten years from now. We as a government organisation, we as Papua New Guineans will now work together to help achieve this bold vision.

“We can help PNG achieve that vision by doing our job and doing it right. We can help by ensuring that our strategic and action plans are living documents that are being implement at the district level.

“Minister Kramer, that being said, I repeat again what I have mentioned from you. We need stability at the political level. We need stability at the police leadership level as well.

“I want to go one step further and say that we also need good political leadership. The Constabulary can only be as good or effective when there is less interference and more support from our political leadership.

“So far I am encourage by what our Prime Minister, Honourable James Marape and new Police Minister, Hon. Kramer, have stated in public and I believe that together we will achieve our vision of becoming a rich black Christian nation.”

Baki outlined that the two main areas that he aims to provide leadership on to assist the Government achieve that vision are:

  • Discipline, command and control; and
  • Reformation, restructuring and capacity building of the Constabulary

“There is a lot to be done but we do not have the time or money to make this happen over the next two years. The clock is ticking. 2029 is the year the Marape-Steven Government has set to achieve this bold vision.

“For the Constabulary I believe we can however, set the foundation now so that even after the 2022 National Elections, the Vision 2029 can still be achieved over the next ten years by whoever comes into government.

“Law and order is a prerequisite for growth and prosperity. And the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary will play a key role in assisting Government to achieve Vision 2029.”

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