Risking his job with Bomana decision

I am putting my job on the line in making this decision for families, residing at the Gordon’s Police Barracks single quarters, to move to the proposed police barracks in Bomana.

Commander for NCD/ Central police, Sylvester Kalaut, told the frustrated families this morning after they had barricaded the police barracks gate since 4am, stopping police vehicles from refilling at the police fuel pump.

“Since the General Election is approaching us, the policemen cannot sit back and watch their families suffer like this,” Kalaut says.

He said they were told that funding was from the government and not the Police department; it was beyond the control of the police management and hierarchy.

“The very same houses built for these families are now being vandalised by settlers living around the proposed barracks at Bomana.

“We’ve got a number of families here residing in unhealthy conditions, unsuitable for human occupancy.”

The situation has forced Kalaut, and those under his command, to put their jobs on the line in telling families that they will forcefully move into the houses at the proposed barracks in Bomana, and that the construction company can take it out on the national government in court later.

“For now, OIC for Gordon’s Police Barracks will have the tenancy list prepared, of which we will go through and have families move in as soon as possible.”

The tenancy list will be finalised by 4pm today and families will be further advised on when the move will take place.

The barricade to the main entrance of Gordon's Police Barracks has been removed after families received a favourable response from Kalaut and Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi.

Annette Kora