Residents urged to stand with governor

Residents in the National Capital District have been urged to join the Governor in his stance saying ‘No to betelnut, no to violence, no to plastics and no to graffiti!’

NCD Governor Powes Parkop wants this commitment from the city dwellers while he, in partnership with fellow MPs, will do their part to make the city great, safe, peaceful, liveable, active and clean for everyone to enjoy a high quality of life, as is the case in other cities overseas.

“It is the small things like these that are impeding our progress. This is the biggest challenge I have as your leader,” Parkop said.

“It is your business now to say no to buai, violence, graffiti and plastic bags.

“If we all can do this, development in the city and its prestige to attract more tourists and further investments will reach unprecedented levels,” said a confident Parkop.

He echoed that ‘small problems’ of betelnut spittle, littering, graffiti and plastic pollution   have been hindering the growth and development of the city, taking up big chunks of the commission’s budget.

“It only needs you to become a responsible person to value and respect our city,” he said.

Governor Parkop said when he first took office, he had visions and ambitions to make the city the best in the Pacific and the region at large.

Press release