Remove examinations: MP

The Government is looking at the option of omitting Grade 10 and Eight examinations.

Education Minister Nick Kuman said this in Parliament on Thursday when answering questions raised by Member for Markham, Koni Iguan.

The Markham MP asked the Education Minister if his ministry can do away with these examinations to address the issue of the increasing number of student dropouts every year.

He added that the Grade 10 and Eight certificate has less value in terms of helping students seek employment.

In response, Education Minister Kuman said there are plans for the country’s education system to do away with these examinations, which will become effective next year.

Kuman said there will be grades 1-6 and 7-12.

He concluded by urging all the members of parliament to use monies provided by the government to support the tuition fee free policy to help build capacity in all the education institutions.

(Minister Kuman in parliament yesterday)


Rosemary Yambune