Public servants warned on betelnut chewing

Finance Minister and Leader of Government Business, James Marape, has warned public servants that anyone caught chewing betelnut in office will face severe consequences.

Marape issued the warning after discovering a sink filled with betelnut spittle. This was at the first floor of Vulupindi Haus at Waigani, Port Moresby.

He said most times, we tend to blame the buai sellers for the rubbish and buai spit all over the place but evidence proves otherwise.

Marape further called on Secretary for Finance, Dr Ken Ngangan, to get tough on staff who chew during working hours and terminate them.

Minister Marape also went on social media and made a statement regarding this issue.

“No one else will fix our attitudes, and if you can’t throw your wastes in the right place, it does not matter how educated you are, you are sick!

“Don’t bother talking about big topics if you can’t take care of your mind and waste,” Marape posted on his Facebook page.

Meantime, Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore backed his colleague by also calling on authorities to implement the law on chewing betelnut.

“Public Service General Order 15 outlined that chewing of betelnut and smoking during official hours is a disciplinary offence. 

“However, we lack decisive leadership in its implementation.”

He said General Orders 15.59 & 15.60 are explicit whereby smoking and chewing buai during working hours and within government buildings are serious offences that warrant dismissal.

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Freddy Mou