Political parties road show begins

The Registry of Political Parties will be conducting its political party road shows in the form of “Political Party Expos” from June 18 to 22 in Madang and Morobe Provinces.

The main purpose of the road shows is to educate the people from both provinces of the roles and nature of political parties and most importantly to encourage the people to enlist as members of the political parties.

The main reason why these 2 provinces were selected is due to their population and connectivity with the Highlands Provinces.

The road shows are part of the annual activity for the Registry in 2018, an activity that the Registry would be undertaking in 2018 and beyond.

While the Registry clarified that it is the responsibility of Political Parties to facilitate their own awareness and recruitment of members, the Registry is taking this step and has extended the invitation out to the political parties as a matter of courtesy as this will also be an excellent opportunity for the Registry and the Political Parties to work together in promoting political parties.

The Registry has invited the 45 political parties to participate but some have declined due to financial constraints.

It is important from the view of the Registry, that political parties in the country must now be self-sustaining.

The registry issued strict directions to all Political Parties to do their party and party policy awareness.

The road shows are spearheaded by the Registry of political parties and supported by United Nations Development Program.

Carolyn Ure