Police officers will be dealt with: N’Dranou

It is believed that certain officers were involved in the barricade that was put up at the gate of the Gordon Police Barracks in the early hours of Friday (Feb 16) morning.

The barricade had caused inconvenience for commuters, especially police vehicles that needed to refill at the police service station.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, warned on Friday during a brief that disciplinary actions will be taken against officers who took part in the protest.

N’Dranou went on to say that no one, even any officer of the law, is above the law and once these officers are identified, they will be dealt with accordingly.

Meanwhile, NCD/ Central Commander, Donald Yamasombi, told this newsroom that regardless of the protest and barricade, two single quarters of the three currently standing will still be demolished.

Yamasombi said as far as he is concerned, the single quarter barracks was condemned back in 2015 by NCDC health authorities as it was deemed unfit for human habitation.

He adds that of all the families that are currently residing in the barracks, only 15 families are genuine and will be looked at for relocation.

At the moment there are certain categories of people residing in the barracks; some genuine police officers whilst others have come to reside at their own will (self-transferred), including some outsiders.

They will be asked to vacate and move back to wherever they had come from or be evicted from the barracks along with their belongings.

“This exercise will continue as per the directive of the police commissioner,” says Commander Yamasombi.

(The barricaded Gordon Police Barracks entry on Friday)

Annette Kora