Police Officers undergo investigative course training

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and the Australian Federal Police this morning officially opened the Investigative Interviewing Course for officers.

The Investigative Interviewing Course is undertaken as collaboration between Papua New Guinea and Australia as part of the Papua New Guinea and Australia Policing Partnership.  

The course is focused on providing members of the CID and other areas of the RPNGC, a broad range of skills necessary in the formal conduct of investigations such as the interviewing of a witness or suspect.

This forms the foundation for which an investigation is built upon.

Key learning outcomes of the Investigative Interviewing course includes providing participants with basic skills to research, plan, and conduct an effective interview.

Other areas covered were, active listening skills and Note Taking, using the baseline of elements to prove an offence, proper procedural questioning required for Court and teamwork; and Preparation: The gathering of evidence and planning of interviews.

These training objectives will ensure participants graduate with an understanding of how to effectively plan and facilitate investigations.

The course also serves as a bench mark for all participants, who from this point forward, will use the lessons learnt effectively on return to their respective units.  

Recognizing the necessity of these skill-sets and the importance they play to effective policing, the course will now be integrated into the newly revamped Detective Training Program.

While also being included as part of the training to recruits during their initial recruit training – as delivered by Bomana College Instructors.


Annette Kora