Police monitor situation at Badihagwa

Police are closely assessing the situation at Badihagwa, in Moresby South, Port Moresby, after a confrontation between two ethnic groups earlier this morning.

Witness on ground said the conflict was between Goilala settlers in the area and a group of Eastern Highlanders.

They say this morning’s incident transpired from another incident yesterday, where a worker with the construction company Chinese Harbour injured himself, falling from an off-loader.

According to a local, Maraga Maraga, tensions began when two Goilala boys were caught trying to steal fine sand from the company, to sell for themselves.

The two escaped but the company security approached the shelter where they believe the boys are based, along the new Koura freeway. 

Maraga says the securities’ approach may have been harsh, resulting in the Goilala men hurling stones onto the road, targeting vehicles belonging to the company.

He says it was during this time, that the off-loader vehicle drove past, around midday. The injured employee is believed to be from Eastern Highlands.

In trying to defend himself, he may have lost his grip and fell onto the road, breaking his leg and rolling a few times.

He was taken to the hospital but his relatives retaliated this morning.

Another witness James Mai Lasono said there was no clash in this morning’s incident.

Only words were exchanges and an arrow or two shot by the settlers.

Police were alerted and arrived on scene this morning.

In the meantime, locals are calling on authorities to evict these settlers, as they continue to create problem in the area.

Gloria Bauai