Police Minister focused on improving policing

​The new police minister Jelta Wong is adamant to bring policing in Papua New Guinea to whole new level.

Queried during his first official event as the minister in charge of police, Wong stated that this is the first of the many events that he will ensure to provide in bringing out the best of the RPNGC.

He said there has been a lot of negative vibe towards the Royal Papua New Guinea in the past, but this is about to change.

Wong reiterated that after this event, there will be many more that will follow; RPNGC will return to its former glory.

Jelta Wong – Police Minister

The minister has also assured that policing will be improved in the country; there will be measures taken to focus on improving policing.

When queried on what measures have been already set to address some of the ongoing issues – the minister stated;

However it is early days as yet – the RPNGC like many governmental departments in the country- is still in need of major rehabilitation and a major facelift for the better.

Imelda Wavik