Police impersonator intercepted at Bomana college

A man was intercepted on Wednesday by Bomana police college guards for impersonating a police man.

Derrick Kanawi of East Sepik and Manus parentage was intercepted at around 10am in full police uniform walking into the college gates.

The suspect caught the attention of the guards at the gate after he failed to stand at attention when the police commandant drove by.

Commandant Peter Philip explained that the suspect was stopped and questioned about his identity.

Upon questioning, he revealed that he got the uniform from another serving member alleged to be stationed at the Badili police station.

Meantime, the suspect was detained and charged for police impersonation while the NCD Metropolitan police commander has been informed about the policeman identified by the detained suspect.

The police commandant says this is considered to be a security risk hence additional security will now be beefed up at the college.

He further stated that given the recent suspension of 37 pass-outs, this incident will be taken as a security breach to be noted and observed.

Julianna Waeda