Police hold mediation talks for warring tribes

Two enemy tribes were forced to hold peace talks on Christmas Day.

Police say that the the two tribes of Sikir in Enga province have been holding lengthy tribal fights since 2014.

The fighting has led to many deaths, houses burnt, people scattered and many badly injured.

The Enga police was forced to intervene after a four hour fight took place on Monday.

According to Enga Acting Provincial Police Commander, Epenes Nili, the ‘Marathon fight’ started at 1pm and finished at 5pm.

The police called in the Enga provincial Law and Order team to mediate between the tribes, which eventually led to the tribes laying down their arms.

The two groups were given the opportunity to talk face to face and raise their issues after which compensation and re-enforcement orders were issued to the groups.

There is now a cease fire to be in place until the next mediation meet come February 8th 2018.

Acting PPC Nili said once they meet again on the given date, compensation will be sorted out and given to identified parties.


Jemimah Sukbat