Police families moving to Bomana

Families of police officers residing at the Gordon’s Police Barracks single quarters have started moving up to the proposed barracks at Bomana.

This move comes after a barricade was put up at 4am today to protest the longstanding police accommodation issue in the National Capital District.

NCD/Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut, said has no choice but to respond to the woes of his policemen.

A good number of families have already made their way up to the Barracks to claim their homes and clean up around the houses.

"We cannot wait any longer so we are going to make the move ourselves, given the okay by our good commander to move in regardless," says the wife of an officer.

Families have started cleaning up around their marked homes while more are expected to move in later this evening from Gordon’s.

More updates to come...

(Families moving up to Bomana despite the heavy downpour)

Annette Kora