Police Commissioner praises people for peace effort

Police Commissioner Gary Baki praised the people of Bulu in Talasea for maintaining peace and letting the law deal with the Bali/Vitu youths who allegedly murdered three men in an election related ambush during the “21 Incident” on Thursday in Kimbe.

Commissioner Baki flew into the Province the following day for a planned visit which was brought forward upon news to ensure peace is maintained.

“My decision to come here was planned so when I received the urgent news I had to be here personally to give the assurance that the issue will be dealt with according to Law and to simmer down the tension and bring Kimbe to normalcy as we prepare to go into elections,” he said.

He appealed to his people to refrain from revenge and patiently await the decision from the Provincial Peace and Good order committee on their petition given to compensate the lives lost, casualties that sustained injuries totalling 28 and the loss and damages done to properties.

“Talasea remains a hotspot or high risk area and it is in our nature to take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth approach, but I am pleased with the concerned candidate, Mr  John Pakua Ngava, for restraining his supporters from retaliating which would have spiralled out of proportion if such approach was not taken,” he said.

He appealed to the people of West New Britain that it is everybody’s business to act responsibly during the election period and take ownership of it. “This is our election and all candidates should have the freedom to conduct their campaign freely and without disturbances caused by supporters, it is of paramount importance that the campaign period is trouble free,” he stressed.

Three men were confirmed dead while the other two are fighting for their lives are victims from Bulumuri and Buludava and one from Arowe.

Three are confirmed dead, two from Bulumuri in Ward 8 of the western tip of Talasea Peninsula and one from Arowe while the other three  who were fighting for their lives have had their conditions stabilised at Kimbe General Hospital, others  suffered some degree of injuries but are not deemed as life threatening. .

Cause of the fight that started on Wednesday afternoon still remains vague as attempts to gather information is on hold due to the tension.




Beck Marum