Police to bring in sorcery case suspects

National Capital District police are now working on correlating statements with regards to the sorcery related attack on an elderly woman this week.

NCD Taskforce Commander, Mark Mosinakave, says they have a witness willing to go on record and will move forward to apprehend suspects as soon as they verify all information given in.

Mosinakave says his unit will be moving in to bring in the suspects and hold them on attempted murder charges.

Meantime, NCD metropolitan police commander, Perou N'Dranou, has condemned the attack and said that such practices have no place in the city.

"These people are just ignorant bullies preying on the weak," says N’Dranou.

He states that this case is an example of the steps he is taking to hold everyone accountable of their actions irrespective of situations.

"The law is the law and if you break it you will be charged accordingly."

(File pic of police at the scene of the incident, at an area known to settlers as ‘Swamp Side’, between the Gerehu to Nine-Mile Road)

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Julianna Waeda