Police appeal for help with cases

Investigations on major homicide cases with the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) are still in need of a breakthrough.

Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou stated this when giving an update on outstanding cases from 2017.

Some outstanding cases yet to make break through involve the shooting of former BDA Chairman, Fred Konga, the alleged shooting of the young man at Erima, the body of the IBS student found at the Treasury building including the case of veteran journalist Rosalyn Albaniel among others.

“We just need a breakthrough somehow. The police are working their hardest to complete the cases.”

N’Dranou said police cannot make break through if they are not given the correct or right information leading to the arrest and completion of the file.

“If you are thinking that we are not doing anything, no, you are wrong. We are doing out hardest to complete each file. We cannot do so if we do not have facts.”

He adds that by law, the file must be presented to the prosecutor with the relevant evidence available to prosecute the case.

The Met Supt further urged the general public to come forward with whatever information they have to assist police in their investigations.

“We want to complete the file; we just need the evidence or lead for us to complete the file.”

N’Dranou says that police do not discard cases treating them all fairly adding that if the cases are not solved now, they will continue to be investigated into the future

“No criminal case is thrown out. All criminal cases continue for life".

Annette Kora