PMV bus owners protest

PMV buses doing Port Moresby’s number 7 route were on strike today after five buses were vandalised by opportunists early this morning at Gordon’s.

Bus 7 drivers and owners gathered at Waigani to air their frustrations.

A bus driver from Mt. Hagen, Peter Mable, said the safety of passengers and bus crews is at risk as opportunists are always lurking around the bus stop area, waiting to cause trouble.

“Ol stil man ol save kam insait long bas, pulim bilum blong ol lain. Mipla laik traim long seivim ol displa lain but mipla save holim kar tu stap so mipla save hat long seivim ol.

“Sampla taim ol boskru save traim long seivim ol pasindia taim ol displa mangi save kam pait wantaim boskru, pulim moni blong mipla, brukim kar glas.”

Mable also said police officers are not doing enough to provide a safe environment for everyone using the Gordon’s bus stop.

“Ol polisman ol save ron go kam na lukim bat ol save lusim ol na ol kam hariap tasol na rausim ki blong kar. Sampla taim ol save go lokim mipla long jeil. Mipla ting long seivim ol pasindia or kar taim nogut mipla kisim bagarap. Olgeta manmeri stap long Mosbi nogat wanwan kar blong ol, planti yumi ron long bas so mipla provaidim sevis go kam.”

Bus owner Desmond Koky appealed to NCDC to create a safer bus stop at Gordon’s.

“Bus is the main source for transport from point A to point B not only in Port Moresby but in all parts of PNG. We don’t have train stations or any other alternative measures of transport, thus the bus stops must always be safe for the public and for the buses.”

(One of the buses that was vandalised)

Albert Moses