Perseverance pays off for former Miss PNG

Even if you have setbacks in life, there is always a way out of it.

Former Miss PNG, Niawali Twain, issued this statement after receiving her UPNG degree on Friday.

From a mixed parentage of Manus and East New Britain, the beaming Niawali Twain gracefully walked up to get her degree from the UPNG chancellor in the first session of the 64th graduation ceremony. 

The beauty queen was crowned Miss PNG in 2017, was the Queen Emma Chocolates Brand Ambassador and is the chaperone of the current Miss PNG and Miss Pacific Islands, Leoshina Kariha.

With numerous roles to play, Twain lived up to her favourite quote: ‘You'll never know, until you try’.

“I’ve just graduated with a Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences. It took me about six years to get here,” she said.

“In fact, I graduated with a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences in 2016, so I was honoured and privileged to return to school under the sponsorship, through the pageant, of Paradise Food to return and complete my finals year.”

Juggling her studies whilst being an ambassador was challenging but phenomenal. Twain highlighted that perseverance and commitment will see you through. 

“If you put your mind to something you will always achieve it," she said. “So if it took me six years to get here, I know it will certainly be of worth if you continue the path that you are going through.

“Life is short, live it to the max and be yourself.”

Carmella Gware