Partial buai ban to start at Boroko

The partial buai ban program in the city will commence on Monday March 12, but only in Boroko, says city Manager Bernard Kipit.

This program aims to clean up, especially the public areas in Boroko specifically the bus-stops, Tabari place and the police station.

Kipit clarified that this does not include residential areas in Boroko, and does not apply to other areas in Port Moresby as yet.

"This is a model program were trying in Boroko. If it works, we will to it out through the city. We will tell you where to sell, where to buy," he said.

The outcome of this program is to get rid of illegal activities, rubbish, betelnut spit and vending.

Rubbish in the area will be cleaned and collected every day with foot patrols on regular on a daily basis

This program will be enforced by the corps security, reserve police and NCD police.

The deputy city Manager Lulu Ted clarified that the city rangers, formally engaged, are no more.

Any confiscation from these group will be seen as illegal.

At the announcement this afternoon was the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N'Dranou to assure the support of the Royal PNG Constabulary.

His team will also make stop searches to avoid smuggling of betelnut into the Boroko area.

The Metsup added that a clean city will make it easier for police and citizens.

Public caught breaking this will be charged under the NCD Betelnut control law and the Litter law.

Meantime, the Metsup has confirmed receiving reports of a few incidents by police relating to chasing vendors in the city over the week.

He said investigations into these incidences will commence on Monday.

Gloria Bauai
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