Pangu split confirmed

Pangu Party Leader, Sam Basil has officially switched seats, now joining the People’s National Congress Party led Government.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the announcement today.

Basil moved with all the Pangu MPs from Morobe Province, including Central Province, Sohe and Lufa.

Listed are names of MPs that made the switch:

  1. Sam Basil - Pangu Party Leader and Bulolo MP
  2. William Samb - Goilala MP
  3. Capt Lekwa Gure - Rigo MP
  4. Robert Agarobe - Central Governor
  5. Henry Amuli - Sohe MP
  6. Kennedy Wenge - Nawaeb MP
  7. Ginson Saonu - Morobe Governor
  8. John Roso - Lae MP
  9. Thomas Pelike - Menyame MP
  10. Kobby Bamareu - Tewai Siasi MP
  11. Chris Yer - Sumkar MP
  12. Moriape Karori - Lufa MP

The four Pangu MPs who did not move are Madang Open MP Brian Kramer, Moresby North-West MP, Sir Mekere Morauta, Finschhafen MP, Rainbo Paita and Wabag MP, Dr Lino Tom.

Annette Kora
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