Pangu intact

Pangu stands united despite the infighting among its executives and party leader, says William Samb.

During a press conference on Friday, the Goilala MP and deputy leader of Pangu gave the assurance that one of PNG’s oldest political parties still remains intact.

On May 8th, the Pangu Pati Executive Council announced that it has suspended the party leader and Member for Bulolo, Sam Basil, from Pangu.

Party president Patrick Pundao and General Secretary Morris Tovebae made the announcement after their Council meeting on May 4, claiming most decisions made by Basil were just for personal gain.

In response, Basil called on the public to ignore any decisions and announcements of the estranged national executives of Pangu Pati.

On Friday, Pangu’s deputy leader supported Basil, saying the decision to sideline him was illegal.

“It does not specify in our constitution that the executives have the power to do so,” said Samb.

“I would like to refer to the constitution of Pangu Pati where it stipulates that only the parliamentary wing will refer the party leader or his deputy for disciplinary measures, suspension or whatever it may be.”

The Pangu executives had previously claimed that their decision to suspend Basil was due to the following:

  • Pangu Pati Inc election funds raised through various fundraising events over the years are missing;
  • Donations to form government after the 2017 Elections while camping in Goroka are missing;
  • Basil failed to consult the Council on important matters and making unilateral decision;
  • Failed to consult the Council before joining the Government; and
  • Failed to promote and uphold the Pangu Pati Constitution and not attending compulsory party meetings and funding party operations.

(William Samb during Friday’s press conference)

Carmella Gware