Over 1,000 graduate with degrees, honours

More than 1,065 students graduated with degrees, honours and masters from over 20 different disciplines during the University of Papua New Guinea's 63rd graduation ceremony today.

Today officially marked the successful end of 4 years of hard work, sacrifices and commitment and signaled the beginning of the season of reaping and joy.

Celebratory cheers could be heard as graduands, each representing their families and tribes, received the prized blue ‘mambu’ (bamboo).

Addressing the graduating class of 2018, Vice Chancellor Vincent Malaibe highlighted the challenges the institution faces but maintained that today's ceremony was a bitter sweet achievement.

Malaibe congratulated the graduands and encouraged them to utilise the knowledge and skills they have attained to build the nation and contribute to visions and aspirations of the country.

Keynote speaker Andrew Barry, Managing Director of ExxonMobil, further ignited and boosted the morale of the graduands, especially for the young who are yet to join the workforce.

On that note, Barry challenged the next generation of elites to drive change and betterment.

A student representative thanked the university and its staff for instilling in her and her colleagues the know-how and importantly, paying tribute to their parents, sponsors and guardians.

510 graduated in the first session from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Business and Public Policy and School of Law.

In the afternoon session a total of 427 will graduate; 259 from School of Medicine and Social Sciences and 168 from the School of Natural and Physical Sciences.

Carolyn Ure