Opposition calls for increase in police training colleges

The Opposition has called on the Government to establish more training colleges for the police force.

Opposition Leader Don Polye said there should be four regional training colleges established for the Royal PNG Constabulary.

The RPNGC has only one training college located at Bomana just outside Port Moresby.

Polye said there needs to be real upgrading and revamping of the police force in the country as this is a vital need.

“I would like to see more training colleges established for the police.

“Training should not only be for six months but should be a minimum of 12 months in which they’re properly trained,” Polye said.

Polye also called for a retrenchment exercise for police personnel.

He stressed that those who have been in the force for a long time and are at their retirement age should be retrenched immediately.

Polye said the police force needs a lot of reformation that must be done.

Quintina Naime