Officials: Nothing unusual with Karkar

The Rabaul Volcanological Observatory (RVO) is dismissing any fear of volcano eruption on Karkar Island, Madang Province.

RVO’s principal geodetic surveyor, Steve Saunders said the current activity is just increased steaming because of the weather conditions.

He says the Karkar volcano is classed as active, following its last eruption in 1979.

But since then it has been dormant, with increased thermal activity in 2007-8, which subsided.

He confirmed RVO received reports of activity early this week, but based on satellite observations and pilot reports since January 30th, there’s nothing unusual.

However, he says people should continue to live their lives normally but always keep in mind it may erupt and know their emergency response plans.

At the moment observers at Kinim Government Station report that the low cloud has dissipated and the summit can be seen clearly. 

“There are no emissions, fume or mist rising from it,” Saunders said.


Picture courtesy

Gloria Bauai