O’Neill calls for unity

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has called on all Papua New Guineans to work together to strengthen the country.

He said with the current economic crisis the country is facing, the global economy is uncertain, with the risk of conflict and economic instability.

“Our country joins with our partners around the world to deal with the greatest challenges.

“Challenges like climate change are real, and has caused extreme weather in our country and around the Pacific.

“From devastating tropical storms to extreme drought, homes and communities have been damaged and lives have been lost.

“We must prepare for future disasters.”

O’Neill added that there is no room for any of us to be complacent.

“Our Government will continue hard to prepare for the worst, and at the same time, work with the international community in meeting these challenges.”

O’Neill made these remarks at the Independence Hill on Saturday to mark the 42nd anniversary for the country’s independence after breaking away from Australia in 1975.

Freddy Mou