No road blocks unless authorized by station commanders

There will be no road blocks conducted unless it is authorized by designated police station commanders (PSCs) in the nation’s capital.

This was strongly reiterated by the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’dranou in response to the number of complaints about lone police officers standing at unusual locations in the city and stopping vehicles to check.

N’Dranou said such road blocks are not supposed to be conducted at all unless the PSC is present to supervise the operation.

He urged the general public to report to the nearest police station in the event that they sense anything unusual about the road blocks being conducted.

He advises the complainants to report as soon as possible to the police station commanders for action to be taken immediately.

“I’ve given instructions to the public to make sure to do this should they come across any lone officers conducting road blocks at odd times and locations.”

He adds that no police personnel are to do any road blocks unless they are being authorized by their police station commanders.

“If anything happens, the police station commander will be held accountable.”

Meanwhile, he said the police are in talks with telecommunications companies to have a toll free number that will be allocated for the general public to be able to call and report illegals activities should the need arise for immediate police response.

Annette Kora