NID high on the agenda for Maru

Newly appointed minister for Planning, Richard Maru, says his first order of business is to ensure that the data gathering system under the National planning department will be operated accordingly and appropriately.

Minister Maru highlighted the slow progressing NID project that has to date seen more than K250 million spent.

He says there needs to be a review into this project, as it is a key agenda to ensure the smooth running of sectors such as national planning which in turn impact development and economic growth.

Maru adds that other sectors which also will come under review will be Fisheries, and Agricultural in particular work of organisations such as the Cocoa board.

The Minister is adamant to ensure a thorough and transparent running of the office of planning.

His statements were welcomed by the officers including the National Statistician Roko Koloma from the NSO; however he reiterated that gathering of data was a difficult job without corporation from all sectors.

Meantime, Minister Maru also announced that the order of business will ensure that all individuals must have a national identity card by the end of his term and before 2022.

He says that in this way this can at least help to deal with the issues faced with regards to the common roll in the National General elections.


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Imelda Wavik