New members for National Education Board

The National Education Board has sworn in 28 members, replacing the previous board who had served for three years.

The ceremony was held recently at the Loloata Resort in Port Moresby.

The board is the highest decision making body within the Education Department.

Its role is to oversee the development and function of the National Education System, implement the National Education Plan and to provide advice to the Education Minister on matters concerning the department.

This is based on consultation from the provincial education divisions, the Teaching Services Commission and the education boards and agencies.

The board is chaired by the Department Secretary, Dr. Uke Kombra, who gave the assurance that they will work tirelessly to achieve the goals and priorities of the education system.

“Our aspiration is to see every child come to school and the education that he or she receives must be of high quality,” said Dr. Kombra.

Education Minister, Joseph Yopyyopy, in congratulating the board, said education is a powerful tool to achieve the country’s vision 2050.

“The country has had tangible progress in education over the past decade but more remains to be done. We continue to face challenges that are more complex in nature as education grows with population increases.”

Minister Yopyyopy appealed to the board to be transparent and to practice good governance.

The board members bring vast expertise representing the different sectors including; churches and business houses, NGO’s, women, the union, universities, Department of Higher Education, Provincial Education Divisions and Education Department. For the first time, the Teaching Services Commission is included on the board.



Jemimah Sukbat