New Ireland PHA needs outlined

The need for a paediatric ward and the lack of staff accommodation are one of many challenges that the New Ireland Provincial Health Authority is facing.

The project manager of the provincial health authority expressed their concerns in an interview today in Kavieng.

The project manager of the New Ireland Provincial Health Authority, Charlie Melachon, says the level 5 hospital of Kavieng still has some gaps to fill to effectively deliver services to the people.

Melachon stated that currently, eight beds have been reserved for paedeatric patients in the general ward, where he stressed that a level 5 health facility needs a separate structure to serve their younger patients.

He also highlighted housing problems that they are facing.

“Currently we are faced with high rental cost of renting houses for our nurses and our medical personnel,” he said. “Hence we need staff housing, which is a priority at the moment for the New Ireland Provincial Health Authority.

“Also all our rural health facilities are currently run down, mainly the aid posts.”

The project manager said at least 24 aid posts have been closed as they badly need maintenance.

Melachon stated it has been a very difficult year for them since the recent establishment of the provincial health authority, especially when it comes to working with partners and stakeholders. Alluding to the health forum that was held in the province on October 30th to November 1st, Melachon said they brought to the attention of the provincial government, the LLGs and Kavieng and Namatanai districts, the funding gaps that needed to be addressed to improve health service delivery in the villages.

Carmella Gware