New Board have plans for Gerehu Hospital

Funding, delivery and support are the main aspects that will be focused on by the new board of the new Gerehu General Hospital.


Chairman, Peter Del Monte said today after his swearing in at the launch of Gerehu General Hospital says funding has and will always be a major aspect to consider in the overseeing of the hospital.

Monte says the board will work on the return of investments in delivering a great service to the community  which is what this is all about and making sure that taxpayers money are taken care of and used to its full potential.

He adds that the other part is delivering on the national health services and making sure that the standards are met at all times.

“As the board, it’s not up to us to run the day to day operations of the hospital. That’s for the CEO, the manager and the staff; they’re the experts in running the hospital.”

Monte says the board will help to support the structure but CEO will be the one to make decisions which the board will have no interference or influence over.

He further stressed on the support that the board will be giving to the management will be paramount.

“It is about delivering the hospital as the number one in the country and the only way we’re going to do that is doing that as a team.”

He says that interference will be minimised from the boards end but making sure that it delivers on what it says it’s going to deliver.

Monte thanked the National Department of Health and the Government for the opportunity adding the board will do its best to serve the community along with the staff of the hospital.

Annette Kora