NEC frees KPHL from answering to PAC

The National Executive Council has withdrawn its earlier decision to have the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited answer to the Public Accounts Committee.

Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Sir John Pundari is disappointed over that.

KPHL is one of two organisations that have taken out court proceedings against the PAC.  

Henao Lawyers who are representing the PAC, made the committee aware of the affidavit that was filed by KPHL.

Sir John said, “We must know that the Kumul Petroleum Holdings is owned by the people of this country. They are represented by none other than our Prime Minister who is the trustee of the Kumul Petroleum Holdings. He is also the chairman of the National Executive Council sitting as chair. (The NEC) approved for Kumul Petroleum Holdings to be subject to the Public accounts Committee, only to learn later when matters are before the court, that the National Executive council made a decision to rescind that earlier decision. In any case, the case will be defended in the courts.”

Sir John said another company owned by Sir Kostas Constantino, also filed a lawsuit against the PAC.

Both organisations have also questioned his appointment as Chair of the Committee.

Jemimah Sukbat