NCD urban safety officials not recognized by police

​NCD superintendent Operations, Fred Tundu, has made it clear that NCD urban safety officials dressed in police uniforms are not recognized under the NCD command or the police hierarchy.

The Supt Ops reiterated this following much discrimination and criticism from the public after countless incidences involving the NCD urban safety officials.

 The superintendent operations said such cases were a result of Urban safety men wearing police uniforms to perform their duties; sometimes in very inappropriate ways.

Tundu said there has also been public discrimination against police, even on social media – where they are criticized for many of the actions they did not perform.

One such incident occurred at Three mile, where a student witnessed men dressed in police uniforms jump off a Dina truck to chase vendors; in the process the student claimed to have been put against the fence and searched.

The public without realizing that the men were from the NCD urban safety, criticized and bad mouthed the police force.

He said there needs to be a proper procedure taken to ensure that there is a difference between the police and the men from the program;

Tundu also noted that, there have been reports of some of these men impersonating police officers.

This needs to stop immediately he says.


(File picture of NCD police on parade) 


Imelda Wavik