NCD torture not first in area: Official

The torture and attempted killing of an elderly woman between Nine-Mile and Gerehu in the National Capital District yesterday was not the first in the area.

Duran Farm Housing Project general manager, John Kume, said such practises have happened several times.

The torture of the elderly woman took place on development land earmarked for the Duran Farm Housing Project.

Known as portion 528, the area has been occupied by settlers from various ethnicities.

Kume, who was at the scene of the incident, said it was shocking that such a practise was happening in the city.

“We don’t allow for such incidents to happen and these people will be relocated shortly as per the development that is coming towards this way,” said Kume.

“What has happened here has happened several times. And this is one of the incidents that has drawn the attention of the police and media to come here.

“But it’s really uncalled for. We are living in the perimeter of the city.”

(Medical officers attending to the unfortunate victim yesterday)

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