NCD police come out in force

NCD police are out in full force tonight as the city awaits the strike of mid-night to welcome in the New Year.

There are road blocks set up at strategic locations through-out the city with personnel tasked to check on drivers and occupants to ensure that all road rules and regulations are followed.

Our newsroom is part of the media contingent that will be touring the city with police personnel as part of the NCD Metropolitan police commands efforts to create an inclusive coverage of all police operations through-out the city.

The police personnel have all been briefed with orders to carry-out the operations with main police posts also set up at locations where there are commanders who are carrying out monitoring roles of patrols as well as road checks.

The NCD Superintendent of operations, Michael Tilae has in the last 24 hours carried out last brief outs with the numerous units that are on hand to facilitate for tonight’s main operations.

More updates to follow.

Julianna Waeda