NCD Met Supt wraps up festive operations

Residents of Port Moresby have been commended for a relatively peacefully police Christmas and New Year operations.

In a media debriefing this morning, the NCD Metropolitan police commander, Perou N’Dranou highlighted that the operations have seen much improvement in the way people have behaved.

The Met Supt reiterated that the community should be commended for improving, despite reports of fatalities, drink driving, alcohol related fights, and disturbances which are common during such periods.

N’Dranou took the opportunity to challenge the community to be more proactive in the way that they dealt with law and order issues.

He spoke about the issue of tyre burning, and vehicle stoning as being examples of negative behavior that needs to change.

Meantime, N’Dranou adds that if the city residents can get behind the police in their duties he is optimistic that there will be a change for the better in terms







Julianna Waeda