Namah difficult to serve: Lawyer

Lawyers representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill are having ‘difficulties’ in serving Vanimo-Green MP, Belden Namah, the joint contempt motion which was amended and filed last year.

Jerome Sioni of Twivey Lawyers today informed the Supreme Court they have had unsuccessful attempts to effect personal service on Namah since December last year.

Four other opposition MPs; Bryan Kramer, Sir Mekere Morauta, Patrick Pruaitch and Kerenga Kua, have been served.

Sioni asked the court for another 14 days to have the court documents served on Namah.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia allowed the 14-day adjournment. The case is to return to court on February 19.

In this motion, Prime Minister O’Neill is asking the court to charge the MPs for contempt.

This is for allegedly making statements in the media and on the social media site, Facebook, over his arrest warrant which was then before the court.

It has since been discharged for being illegally issued in the first place.

Sally Pokiton