Muthuvel responds to citizenship issue

​West New Britain Governor, Sasindran Muthuvel, has called on the media to be mindful of what they publish.

Muthuvel made this call after Loop PNG ran a story which highlighted questions on his citizenship status in an election petition.

“It was unfortunate to see Loop PNG attempt to tarnish my good name by publishing and heavily promoting a story designed to raise doubts about my citizenship.

“Such attempts to undermine the legitimacy of West New Britain’s election results do not serve the people of Papua New Guinea,” Muthuvel posted the statement on his facebook page.

He added that rival candidates tried to make the same claim after the 2012 elections but the allegations were proven to be completely false.

“I am a naturalized citizenship of Papua New Guinea and have been since 2007. Upon taking up my new citizenship as a Papua New Guinean my former Indian citizenship was automatically revoked under Indian law.

“To further cement my dedication to this country I also formally renounced my Indian citizenship via a letter to the then Indian High Commissioner of PNG, His Excellency S.P. Mann. This renunciation was confirmed by the Indian government in a return letter.

“Along with my two children I obtained my first PNG passport in October of 2007 and have worked to be a humble servant of this great nation ever since.”

Muthuvel said taking on PNG citizenship was a great honour for him and he has worked ever since to live up to the responsibilities that accompany that honour.

“I sincerely hope my dedication to my West New Britain people has showed my gratitude to my adopted country.

“I have every confidence the courts will once again uphold my good name, and once they have completed their due processes, allow me to continue to serve the people of West New Britain for this parliamentary term.”

Muthuvel has been gone to court after an election petitioned filed by runner up Chris Lagisa in the WNB Provincial seat.

The Court ordered acting Chief Migration Officer for the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority, Solomon Kantha, to appear for an election petition trial.

He is to appear in court, on a date that is yet to be set, to give evidence on the citizenship status of West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel.

Lagisa requested for Kantha to be in court to verify the Governor’s citizenship status.

Freddy Mou