MP raises concerns on police brutality

The issue of police brutality was raised again in Parliament on Friday by Finschhafen MP Reinbo Paita.

Paita said police brutality has tarnished the good name of the country and nothing has been done to put an end to it.

He pointed out that many times, our people have suffered from the officers who were supposed to be protecting them.

“Our people deserve better rather than get beaten up by the police,” stated the MP.

“We cannot just sit down and see such brutality happening within the force, but need to stand up and defend our people.”

In response, Police Minister Jelta Wong told Parliament that as the new police minister, going forward, he will not tolerate such acts within the force.

“Sometimes police officers have been bent over the limit by our people, which resulted in such,” said Wong.

“However, the Government will be putting a lot of money into the force in next year’s budget so we will be tough in terms of police brutality.”

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Freddy Mou