Most jobs given to expatriates: Minister

Job classification in PNG is a sad scenario, says Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations, Mehrra Kipefa.

He says the number of graduates is increasing every year with no jobs because they are given to expatriates coming into the country.

The Department of Labour and Industrial Relations have gone into reviewing job classifications in the country.

Minister Kipefa said: “For the past few years, the flood gates were open for non-citizens to pick up any job they want to pick in this country but this must stop one way or the other.

“Any job that can be done by Papua New Guineans, will now be taken over by Papua new Guineans. We will be asking all the industries, the government, private sectors to start looking at a nationwide localization program, and allowing positions to go back to our people.”

The work permit system has also been reviewed.

“Now we have looked into changing how the process of people applying for a work permit. And the theme sooner will be launched is “One entry- one job”; the rest belongs to Papua New Guinea. So anybody that comes in, come in as one entry permit, you get only one job. And we have to preserve the others for our own people.”

That would mean establishing strict mechanisms to control businesses like wholesale and retail outlets that non-citizens are conducting in this country.

“The Department cannot be able to do it on its own. We need an amalgamation, a co-joined task force to come up together, consist with Immigration, IRC, IPA, Labor, Police to work together to start looking at tying up whatever has been long overdue.”

Meanwhile, the Labour Department will launch an MOU program with the provincial governments to work together in establishing 4 regional centres called “Labor enforcement centres” in each regions.

(Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations, Mehrra Kipefa)

Sally Pokiton