MKA election officials dismissed after bribery claims

Two election officials of the Motu-Koita Assembly Election were caught by police for allegedly accepting money from the campaign manager of a candidate at the counting venue.

Returning Officer Terence Hetinu said police brought the counting official and a presiding officer to him to be questioned yesterday.

Hetinu said both denied that the money they received was bribery but were immediately dismissed from the counting venue.

“The counting officials are not to engage with candidates or campaign managers or supporters of a candidate in any way,” said the RO.

“They have breached that so I asked them to voluntarily leave the counting centre which they did, after a bit of resistance.

“They kept saying it was not intentional, that it was an accident but I still insisted that they leave because the police can effect arrest right on the spot so I had to let them go.

“I advised the police to use this incident as an example to others in the counting centre.”

Salome Vincent