MKA’s inaugural land forum

The Motu Koitabu Assembly (MKA) hosted its first ever land forum recently in conjunction with the National Research Institute (NRI).

The forum, hosted at the International Convention Centre, was the first Customary Land Development Initiative for Motu Koitabuans and gave the outcome of the roadshow of nine villages in the month of October.

Feedback showed 17 resolutions from the villages and these were compiled and showcased by the National Research Office.

Public Policy Researcher, Logea Nao, stressed on these issues and allowed the people to have a say with the land issues and many others as well.

“As part of this process, it has been also bringing to the attention of the communities Motu Koita initiatives on customary land where some of the areas needing legislative amendments,” said Nao.

Nao thanked the government for their leadership on the issue on customary land, and said land was a very sensitive but crucial issue.

MK landowners and representatives gathered in numbers as they heard Lands Minister John Rosso giving his word on helping the people of Motu Koitabu. Rosso pledged to support the MKA leaders in whatever way possible to ensure their goals are realised.

Rosso stressed on how land is a continuous problem, adding locals should not blame the government for land taken but the people who are selling them.

He said one way of sorting land problems was to be united and have one voice. With that, he thanked Chairman for Motu Koitabu, Dadi Toka Jnr, and his committee for the initiative.

(Article by Jasmine Iru – third year UPNG Journalism student)

Jasmine Iru