Minister disgusted over alleged rape incident

The Minister for Community Development, Youth and Religion has expressed his disgust and concern over an alleged rape incident reported in one of the dailies.

Minister Wake Goi said the level of parental ignorance towards their children when the children are drinking in their home is completely unacceptable.

His statement follows the report of a minor who was allegedly raped by three men at Gerehu in 2016.

“It also concerns me that parents are allowing young people, particularly those underage, in this case a 17-year-old girl, unsupervised to be alone with their boyfriends, drinking alcohol till very late in the night.

“The Lukautim Pikinini Act 2015 provides a clear direction for parental reasonability for children under the age of 18.

“Apart from pursuing the perpetrators of the rape crime, I must appeal to the law enforcing agencies, particularly the police, to arrest and prosecute parents of all children who are victimised for negligence because of their failure as parents to safeguard them.

“It is the parents’ reasonability to ensure that their children are safe.

“It is quite frustrating to read about rape cases that are preventable. In traditional customary context in Papua New Guinea, rape is considered a taboo and is unheard of. Perpetrators of rapes are simply unfit to live in our societies. They must be imprisoned with increased penalties.

“I am appealing to the general public, including community leaders, village court magistrates, public servants and stakeholders in the communities to report rapists to the police to curb and eradicate this evil act.

“We must remove rapists from our communities.

“I am also appealing to all stakeholders working for safety and rights of women and children to be coordinated in their work. Currently, there is no coordination and a lot of resources are spent with little outcome.”

Press release