Markham MP is new Deputy Speaker

Member for Markham Open, Koni Iguan, officially took charge of the role of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament at a handover, takeover ceremony held at Parliament House yesterday.

Iguan in his maiden speech acknowledged the outgoing Deputy Speaker, Jeffery Komal, for his exceptional leadership and invaluable contribution to the National Parliament, especially to the Office of the Deputy Speaker, in the past two-and-a-half years. 

He said the transition and process used to appoint him by Parliament as the new Deputy Speaker was a demonstration of a vibrant democracy and Papua New Guinea’s maturity as a nation in the last 40 years.

“It shows that respect for the rule of law and expression of freedom are truly at work, where leaders changed office peacefully and respectably,” he said. “I have great respect for Hon. Komal and will seek his assistance and advice in the future.”

Komal, in welcoming Iguan, wished him well in his new role and paid tribute to the support of the Parliamentary Service staff during his tenure.

He said the task would be challenging at times but maintained that the integrity of the House was important at all times.

“When on the Chair, balance and fairness must be maintained at all times,” he said. “Give equal opportunities to both sides of the House to speak and express their people’s concerns and interests.”

The ceremony was witnessed by the Member for Rigo and Minister for Civil Aviation, Lekwa Gure, and the Parliamentary Service staff.

(Deputy Speaker Koni Iguan, left, and Jeffery Komal make a toast.)

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