Maprik Urban swears in council members

Maprik Urban Local Level Government is the first LLG in East Sepik Province to have its local council members sworn in to take office.

They have also elected their town mayor.

Four of the council members; Gideon Pari, Paul Dingu, Albert Jangi and George Maku retained their seats while Benson Awikiak Wangi Nauru was sworn in as a newly-elected ward member. 

Each of the members was sworn in by Senior District Magistrate Fridolin Kambibel in the presence of staff and members of the Urban LLG, district administration and the general public.

Upon the completion of the ceremony, the members were asked to nominate and elect their town mayor. Paul Dingu, former mayor, was re-elected for his second term with four votes to one to Albert Jangi.

Dingu said it was an honour to be re-elected as the mayor of one of the fastest growing towns in the province.

He was overwhelmed to have retained his seat and will ensure that he continues what he has already started during his first term, adding that Maprik Urban LLG has endured so many challenges and it will continue to do so but with the continuous support from the DDA and the Member’s office, they are sure to achieve most of their goals in service delivery.

Newly-elected council member Benson Awikiak, in acknowledgement to the mayor, outlined major development agendas for the Urban LLG.

He noted two major agendas of revisiting the road map of the Urban LLG (five-year development plan 2013 to 2019) and to establish data record system that will enable proper and fair division of funds to each ward.

Meantime, Maprik-Wora is the second Local Level Government to have its 18 council members sworn in.

After all members were sworn in, the nomination for the LLG president was declared open with two nominees Henry Ariro and Ian Samuel, who both got nine votes each.

Sally Pokiton