Loopholes hindering progress: MP

Member for Wewak, Kevin Isifu, says loopholes in the administrative system of the district are hindering the progress and implementation of the electorate’s 100-day plan.

Isifu said absence of a Provincial Land Board and Physical Planning Board has given rise to illegal land grabbing, squatter settlements and unplanned development in Wewak Town.

The MP said some individuals in Wewak Town are illegally taking ownership of state lands and even going to the extent of selling them.

Isifu stated this is contributing negatively towards the district’s development aspirations and plans.

Illegal land grabbing is posing difficulties for his office to find adequate land to bring development and business opportunities.

Moreover, lack of control and regulatory services are fueling non-compliance.

Isifu added, as it is now, there are no laws to guide proper zoning, physical development and establishment of businesses hence, ad-hoc developments are springing up uncontrollably.

The 100 day plan captures the town’s planning from where health services, public amenities, government housing   should be built, public amenities.

He questioned the relevant government authorities and provincial agencies for the delay in establishing a regulatory framework.

(Filepic – Member for Wewak, Kevin Isifu)

Carolyn Ure